Warm Welcome to all of you to my new adventure ….

Hello, I’m Lajjue. DSC_0228  Beginning of this year, I had decided that I want to explore and share something that I’m very much passionate about and that’s cooking and baking. I love ….no I’m passionate about learning, experimenting, testing, tasting, reading, watching and of course eating anything that is food related.  In this blog that is exactly what you’re going to find….tried and tasted recipes from many different cultural backgrounds.

I’m a wife, mother to two wonderful kids, daughter, sister, aunt, sister-n-law and daughter-n-law to the best bunch in the world. I hail from a traditional Gujarati family, but I was born and raised in Canada. I love my food and culture, living here in the western world I like to keep my root alive.  I worked in the financial Industry for 15 years, but after having my second child ….I decided to be a homemaker and give my family (husband and children) all the attention in the world and be able to watch my children grow up. With the support of my husband for the past two and half years I have been able to discover things that interest me and be able to explore them.

Cooking was always one of those things I enjoyed from childhood, but was not able to implement it due to the fast lifestyle that I was growing up in. I learned my cooking technics, tip and styles from the best chefs in the world ….” Mum” and “Grandmothers”. Without them this interest would’ve never awoken. They are the best by far cooks in the world that I know. Their style of eye balling and not following any precise measurements, mixing and cooking any food and still turning out perfect every time ….is a talent on its own. They are the “MASTERCHEF’S IN MY WORLD”

I started my first cooking experience at the early age of 7 by making roti’s with my grandmother. It was difficult …but not impossible with lots of practice and patience’s from my grandmother I mastered it. From there on I learned more and did more but after has time when on ….life structures changed and I wasn’t cooking as often I was busy with school and work and other life changing events that I never got to brush up more with the passion that was hidden inside of me somewhere. After getting married in 2007 ….that’s when life really began. I was living with my husband and my in-laws so cooking was a “must”. My In-laws stayed with us for short period of time before they went back to India so I was getting help from my MIL. The first year of our marriage I got to explore many different types cuisine’s since me and my husband would eat out often since we both are very fond of great tasty food. But as time when on kids arrived ….things started to change and I was spending more time in the kitchen cooking up new dishes or just experimenting with the old ones. Making more kid friendly recipes or baking cakes and cupcakes for the kids.

This is just the beginning of my new adventure so things will be a bit on the rough side ….since I’m not a professional photographer or an expert professional chef. As I said I learn from the best and will try my best to share all my food secrets and recipes.  Currently, I take pictures with my Ipad and phone and edit them I know that their not stunningly pretty or gorgeous but a lot of effort is put into it…. once I’m on routine I will invest in a good camera and start taking professionally finished pictures. All I needs is everyone’s support and motivation.

I hope you enjoy reading about me and will enjoy reading my blogs. Please continue to support in my new adventure ….as I will try to continuously update and add new and interesting recipes for your viewing and trying. I would love to hear back from you with your feedback.

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Recently, I’ve also joined and posted many of wonderful collection of recipes on the largest worldwide recipe sharing network “YUMMLY”.  Yummly, is viewed by millions of professional and non-professional homemaker chefs and it is my honor to start sharing my recipes with millions and also view millions of more great recipes. Yummly, is truly inspiring and a great place to be exposed to a variety of World Cuisines.

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