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Aloo Palak Paratha with Cheese



 Potato Spinach Paratha with Cheese | How to make Aloo Palak Paratha with Cheese


Aloo Palak Paratha with Cheese is a simple, easy, flavorful paratha that’s made with mashed up potatoes, finely cut blanched Spinach, four blend cheese, spices all kneaded into the dough to make soft, fluffy parathas.

Normally, a lot of the parathas that we see are stuffed with different mixtures, made in different variations and different fillings. A lot of people have their own version, taste and flavors of parathas that they make. This recipe that I’m bringing to you is something I created and whip together and has been tasted and tested …….and received full marks !


I particularly don’t like to follow any recipe to the “T” or measurements …I’m more of an eye baller. Some people like spicy food and some are more health conscious …so I believe that go with what suits you with your liking and your taste. My family enjoys eating tasty, delicious, flavorful, but not to spicy food …..we think that spices shouldn’t over power the dish the actual taste of vegetables/dhal should still be noticeable.

I enjoy making some of the old fashion traditional parathas that have been made for years like paneer paratha, aloo paratha, gobi paratha, mooli paratha. Sometimes I like to add a twist to them, a different mixture, a different flavor, different vegetables. Instead of stuffing them always I like to incorporate everything into the flour, so it doesn’t feel like I’m eating roti and subzi (curry).


Aloo Palak Paratha with Cheese goes well with plain yogurt, green coriander chutney, mango pickle (methia keri), sweet mango pickle (gor keri), cucumber raita or enjoy it as is. This is a great breakfast, lunch or tiffin idea. These can be made for picnics, brunch, long travel trips.

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