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Beet Root Smoothie

Beet Root ….also known as simply Beet. The surface of this Beet Root may not be that tempting but once cut in half the vibrant beautiful reddish deep purple color is so inviting.




Beet has become one of those super-foods that are viciously being used in many different ways. Many people use it in cooking, soups, smoothies, juices, salads, pickling and Beet Root is also used as a food coloring agent. The leafs of this vegetable are also edible ….many use it in smoothies or simply treat it as spinach and cook it the same way.


beet root

This vegetable also comes with many health benefits. It contains potassium, magnesium, iron, folic acid, soluble fiber and many different vitamins. Based on researches done the juice of a beet can help lower blood pressure and may help fight some heart related diseases.

Beets have a long shelf life if refrigerated. I’ve kept beet root in my refrigerator without the leafs for weeks without it going bad. The best thing I love about these long left beets is that, after some time they tender up and become a softer and sweeter. So, when I’m using them in my smoothies they bring out a sweeter and smoother flavor.



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