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Cabbage Cucumber Grape Salad

Cabbage Cucumber Grape Salad | Crispy Colorful Cabbage, Cucumber and Red Grape Tempered (Tadka) Salad


Ever think of a nice flavored tadka (tempered) salad. This Colorful Cabbage with Cucumber and Seedless Red Grapes nicely seasoned with a light olive oil mustard seed tadka (tempered). This is one of the most delicious, light, flavorful, crispy tempered salads that can be enjoyed as is or a side dish with any meal. It’s bursting with some nice spiciness from the green chilies, tanginess from the lime juice and a slight hint of mustard from the tempering.


This is my version of a nice Indian Summer Salad. There’s nothing better than a nice fresh crispy salad. Personally, I like to prepare my salads right before it time for lunch or dinner. This way it’s nice and fresh and all the flavors are taste-able. Cabbage Cucumber Grape Salad is super fast and healthy salad that can be prepared in a snap. Vegetables like cabbage, carrot, cucumber mixed with fruits like red seedless grapes and Pomegranate seeds is totally divine. The different flavors of vegetables and fruits combined and lightly seasoned is truly refreshing.

I learn this recipe from my sister-n-law (my brother’s wife), we were at her house for dinner one night and right before dinner I saw her prepare this awesome looking salad. It looked super delicious, but as I watched her she started to prepare a tarka (tempering) and I thought is she preparing subzi or salad.? To my surprise this lightly tempered salad was out of this world. The nice spiciness mixed with some tanginess with hint of mustard flavors was unbelievable. We all enjoyed it so much that we actually started to eat it with roti ….just like a side order of subzi. 🙂


Cabbage Cucumber Grape Salad is not a warm salad like the traditional Gujarati Cabbage Sambharo. This salad requires no dehydration of  the cabbage and it does not require any preparations. The light tadka (tempering) adds a nice flavor from the Olive Oil and mustard seeds. Salads are one of my all time favorites during the summer times, some of the fresh vegetables that I use in my salads are right from my very own garden.

Every year I like to change-up the type of vegetables I grow, this year we planted low-acidic Jet Red Tomatoes,  English Slicing Cucumber, Indian White Radish (Mooli), Red Onions, White Onions, Surti Papri (beans), Green Bell Peppers and an assortment of different Green Chilies.


This salad is a bit different from the way my sister-n-law made it. I actually had bought a package of mixed Dole’s Brand Colorful Coleslaw Mix  which is a mix of Green Cabbage, Carrots and Red Cabbage. This is perfect when looking to make small portions of salad in different flavors and versions. I also bought some fresh seedless red grapes to bring out the sweetness in the salad.

So with no further due, let me tell you how to make this awesome and completely healthy salad …… Cabbage Cucumber Grape Salad!



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