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Cheesy Veggie Rice Balls

Cheesy Veggie Rice Balls


These deep-fried and stuffed rice balls are absolutely must make ….. Left over rice can be used in many ways to many different rice dishes or roti’s. But, these Cheesy Veggie Rice Balls are an absolute must.

Cheese, rice, veggies mixed with simple spices rolled in a ball and coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried. What more do want …the procedure is simple and easy. Mix, roll, coat and fry. Done!



Rice Balls are a perfect idea for snacks, appetizers or lunch or anytime. Their quick and easy to make and if you serve it up with your choice of sauce or chutney they’re a delight.

Cheese is always a favorite of many….like me. Especially, when cheese is melted it taste so good!


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