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Double Decker Sandwich

Double Decker Sandwich | Layered Sandwich with a nice Spicy Cilantro-Coriander Peanut Chutney


The ultimate layered vegetarian sandwich made with boiled potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, loads of cheese and a super delicious Spicy Coriander (Cilantro) Peanut Chutney all layered into white rye bread and toasted till nice and golden brown. Truly, does sound divine right! Well it absolutely is, this sandwich loaded with tons of authentic flavors and scrumptious mouth-watering sandwich that is not to be missed.


I’ve made many different versions of sandwiches, but by far this is my favorite and not just mine, but also my families. Double Decker sandwich is the perfect lunch or dinner sandwich. It’s absolutely filling so it’s a perfect idea for a nice quick and easy dinner.

A vegetarian sandwich is unconditional, any vegetable of your choice goes well and to top it off cheese makes it completely delicious. I had decided to give this sandwich a bit of a twist by making a special chutney, dip or spread whatever you want to call it. It’s a spicy coriander (cilantro) peanut chutney, this chutney absolutely changes the complete taste of the sandwich. Instead of using it has a spread I had drizzled it all over the vegetables in the sandwich and then grilled it on my Panini grill.

Cheese is a weakness for me, I just love it and some of my all time favorites cheeses to have stocked up are Pepper Jack Monterey Jack with Jalapeño Peppers, Mild Cheddar, Swiss Cheese, Provolone and Colby Jack Ripen Cheese. They taste the best on any sandwich.


Being a vegetarian I’ve found that many fast food joints,sandwich stores or restaurants really don’t indulge into making creative and interesting vegetarian sandwiches. It seems like it’s always the same old vegetable sandwich with some tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce with cheese or a frozen veggie patty that is warmed up in the microwave and stuff into the sandwich. This is absolutely not fun or tasty! Tasty vegetarian sandwiches don’t always have to be boring and that’s why I think that the best sandwiches can be made right at home just the way you like it with your own choice of topping. 🙂

My son is a picky eater, I find that veggies is one thing that is difficult for him to accept. He will eat it ….but surely takes his time. So, for me this was a challenge but I wasn’t going to give up so I decided to make wraps and sandwiches with veggies but in such a way that he wouldn’t even know that I had vegetables in his sandwich. Mashed vegetables with cheese and light flavoring it was a super hit. He now enjoys sandwiches with vegetables and chutney but has to have loads of cheese.


Be sure to try it out and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you, leave me you comments, feedback and be sure to follow me for some more great recipes.







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