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Dry Fruit Anjeer Kajoor Ladoo


Dry Fruit Anjeer Kajoor Ladoo | How to make Dry Fruit Fig & Date Balls


A super-healthy ladoo that is ready in less than 30 minutes. Dry Fruit Anjeer Kajoor Ladoos, as the name suggests combines iron-rich, protein, fiber and favorable ingredients like figs, dates, nuts, poppy seeds and coconut. Ghee, cardamom and cinnamon imparts a rich and magical aroma to these ladoos.


Ladoos or Laddu – are a ball-shaped popular Indian sweet. Ladoos main ingredients are ghee, flour, sugar and milk. Each household or mithiawala (sweetshop) will have their own version of making ladoos. Ladoos made with flour are normally served at festivals or religious occasions in offering to God or celebration. These kind of ladoos are normally not super healthy …actually their very unhealthy but absolutely delicious and tasty cause their loaded up with ghee and sugar.


Dry Fruit Anjeer Kajoor Ladoos are a healthy choice of ladoos. The natural sweetness of figs and dates and added touch of ghee mixed together with cardamom and cinnamon leaves a magical aroma. You can use any choice of nuts ….but walnuts go best with dates. I also used almonds, cashews and pistachios. Lightly roasted poppy seeds and coconut is optional but gives an amazing bite to these sweet balls .

In all, these delicious Dry Fruit Anjeer Kajoor Balls (ladoos) are a super quick and easy treat to make any time. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking to make another quick, easy ladoo be sure to check out my Dry Fruit Til ke Ladoo Recipe.

 Dry Fruit Anjeer Kajoor Ladoos (Balls) Recipes :


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