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Fruity Turmeric Smoothie

Fruity Turmeric Smoothie | Delicious Smoothie made with the goodness of Fresh Yellow & White Turmeric


Falls finally arrived, with all the leaves on the trees changing colors. The sun still shining bright with a light breeze in the air. With all these changes our body needs to start changing with the seasons also. We need to equip our immune system to start fighting the nasty winter colds, flu’s and all other viruses.

Fruity Turmeric Smoothie is exactly one of those drinks that’s power packed with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and super foods that help the immune system fight. This smoothie has a great mix of assorted fruits, white and yellow turmeric, yogurt, honey and orange juice to give it that exact immune boosting energy.


Fresh Turmeric comes in two different varieties. First, is a very nice vibrant yellow/orange color which is also known as “lili haldi” in Gujarati. The second is a white turmeric also known as “amba haldi” in Gujarati which somewhat resembles ginger, but both of these turmeric are considered to be the world’s healthiest foods. These turmeric are used to help treat many chronic diseases and help relieve and cure the common cold. Turmeric is mostly found all over India and now it’s widely found in Indian, Chinese and some other Middle Eastern grocery stores, this particular root also known in other languages as:

AMBA HALDI is also known as Curcura Aromatica.
In Hindi…………AmaHaldi or Amba Haldi
In Marathi …….Ame Haldi
In Malayalam…Mannayinai
In Tamil………..Arukamleke
It is also called as Mango ginger.


Yellow and white turmeric can also be used for cooking, making pickle (achar), healing sick stomach aches, help remove skin bruises due to burns and help reduce the common cold.

My mom has always been big on haldi (turmeric), as a child I remember soon as we got sick with the common sneezing or cough she would make us a huge bowl of warm haldi (turmeric) and ghee (butter) milk and with absolutely no choice had to finish it up! 🙂  I have to say this,which I’ve never mentioned but will do so today after all these years …..But the honest truth is that I never admitted to her that her haldiwala milk always did the trick and relieved and soothed the cold and helped with the nasty hacky cough. Now as a parent myself I use the same tricks on my kids.

Be sure to try out this excellent delicious and healthy smoothie and also be sure to try out some of my other super nutritious and power packed smoothies to help rejuvenate your health. Cold Buster Ginger-Turmeric DrinkTropical Turmeric SmoothieOrange Immune Booster Juice.





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