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Kale Mango Berry Smoothie


Kale Mango Berry Smoothie


A healthy and delicious smoothie that is guarantee to boost your energy level. Kale Mango Berry Smoothie is made with another very healthy super food called “Kale” and also has the goodness of Berries and sweetness of Mangoes.

Kale is one of those leafy vegetables that many people do not consume on a regular base. It’s got curly leafs and comes in many different types, but the most common Kale is normally green or purplish. Kale is also one of the most healthiest veggies, it contains lots of beta-Carotene (source of vitamin A), vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, calcium, magnesium.


Beginning, of this year when we ( husband and I) started our healthy smoothie habit …..we had started with a green Kale green smoothie. To be honest it wasn’t the most delicious smoothie….all I was tasting was the bitter rough leafs of Kale. Well….. with lots of research and reading up on Kale I learned exactly how to consume Kale and how healthy this green leaf was for us. Now were hooked ….I love to use Kale in many different smoothies, juices and even cooking.



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