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Kiwi Berry Banana Smoothie

Kiwi Berry Banana Smoothie | A Tropical Paradise Smoothie


Kiwi Berry Banana Smoothie, a nice mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries blended together with ripe bananas and kiwis with the added touch of a spoon full of honey to create the perfect tropical paradise. This smoothie has also an added touch of Organic Vegan Protein Powder to help balance out our daily protein intake. All natural flavors of fruits and added touch of honey with a splash of tangerine lemonade is a guaranteed super satisfier for the healthy tummy. 🙂


I love to travel, but unfortunately it’s not always possible. So, I say no worries and that’s when I decide to bring the Tropical Paradise to me in my very own back yard. There’s nothing better than the Tropical Paradise feeling. On a nice sunny hot summer day, turn the back yard into your very own paradise resort, turn up the music, put on your nice summer attire, bring out all the tropical fruits, invite some of your close friends and family members and prepare this super-duper delicious Kiwi Berry Banana Smoothie.

It’s not always about the tropical fruits, it’s the flavors and taste that bring out the true tropical desire in smoothies. This special smoothie Kiwi Berry Banana is not just delicious it’s super healthy. I’ve added in a special ingredient called Organic Vegan Protein Powder . Being a complete vegetarian I find that me and my family sometimes lack protein in our everyday food diet. So to substitute that missing protein I add a little bit of the Organic Vegan Protein Powder to our smoothies to balance things out. I’ve noticed that every protein powder has different effect on our bodies, so it’s always wise to read the label and always to start off with small portions of protein powder and alternate days. **This is just from my own personal experiences** 🙂


This once again is a super easy and quick smoothie to prepare early morning or for a great afternoon snack. Fresh or frozen fruits work perfect, I have used frozen berries, which I had originally bought fresh from our farmers market and froze them. Ripe spotty bananas and nice soft ripe kiwis. I’ve also added in a spoon full of honey to balance out the sweetness, cup full of Tropicana Lemonade with tangerine and the secret ingredient Organic Vegan Protein Powder. 

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