Mast Mango Kulfi

Easy and Quick …. Mast Mango Kulfi Recipe

Mast Mango Kulfi…..Yes just the way it sounds. This mango kulfi is made out of Fresh Alphonso Mango, Cream, Milk, Condense Milk, lots of Dry Fruits and freshly hand grinded Cardamom seeds and Saffron. I’ve used my all time favorite “Alphonso Mangoes” in these kulfis.



My Mango Marathon continues and here I’m bring to you another absolute must try delicious dessert “Mast Mango Kulfi”. Actually, this isn’t just a dessert it’s an all time summer favorite of many. This Mango Kulfi can be eaten as is or made into a “Mango Falooda”.

The best part of this kulfi is that it requires no cooking or slaving over the stove …for long periods of time. All of ingredients just need to be put into a blender and blended to a smooth consistency and poured into your desired kulfi tray, Popsicle tray, single server cups with lids any container of your choice and freeze.

“Four easy steps “blend it” “pour it” “freeze it” and “serve it” to make sweet, delicious, mouth-watering “Mast Mango Kulfi “.











Mortar and Pestle
Mortar and Pestle


I’ve used finely crush dry fruits – Almond, Cashew Nuts (Kaju), Green Pista  (Pistachio) which I always keep available in my pantry for immediate use. I make the finely crushed dry fruit mixture in my coffee grinder. For this recipe I’ve actually used a “Mortar and Pestle” to grind the cardamom and saffron into a fine powder. This help to enhance the flavor and color of the kulfi.





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