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Mattar Tofu in White Gravy


 Mattar Tofu in White Gravy | Punjabi Style Mattar Tofu in White Gravy Curry Recipe




A traditional popular North Indian dish  called “Matter Paneer” is made with green peas and paneer simmered in a onion-tomato gravy and flavored with spices. Mattar Tofu in a White Gravy is my healthier version recipe made in a onion-cashew nut gravy with green peas and tofu. Infused with mild-flavors, creamy, light, easy and quick  to prepare and a completely heavenly taste.




Many people think that the bland taste of tofu is only good when cooking it in a Asian-dishes or cooking it up in a tangy tomato-gravy, but this is a complete misconception. Tofu has become very versatile and is being used in all kinds of cooking…it goes well in a mild-flavored white gravy.




The husband isn’t the greatest fan of green peas especially if their the frozen kind, but he loves food that’s made in white gravy or sauce. So, this Mattar Tofu in White Gravy was totally dedicated to him. We have available in our Indian grocery store Fresh Indian Green Peas in pods that come right from India. So, I decided to buy fresh green peas, remove the peas from the pods and make this curry.

I love to make this dish when I have a large group to entertain, it’s easy and fast to make and a great liking too kids. It goes well with roti (chapatti, phulka)- Indian Flat Bread, Bhatura – Deep Fried Bread, Poori or Rice.




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