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Mooli Ke Paratha

Mooli ke Paratha are white radish flat breads that are stuffed with grated white radish also known as mooli and lightly flavored with spices. These parathas are the perfect idea for breakfast or lunch.

Mooli ke Paratha

Happy New Year to all !! As I’ve promised to myself that this year I’ll be working hard and keeping my blog page up to date and bring to you all great tried and tested recipes.

Also this January marks 5 years since I started to blog and I know I haven’t kept up to date with it since I’ve had many life changing events. But, all excuses aside and I’ll be getting back to what I love the most “COOKING” and sharing it with everyone.

So here’s one of my most requested recipes ever Mooli ke Parathe 
(white radish flat bread). I know traditionally many people make it stuffed and I also do. This time I had decided to save some time and speed up the process. It was a last minute decision to make parathas for lunch and the only vegetable lingering around in the fridge was a large fresh mooli.

Here’s some fun facts about Mooli, which also has many different names that it’s known by. One name is Dashing Daikon unfortunately this vegetable isn’t that dashing ….it’s like a carrot with a top and the difference is it’s white and has a stronger taste. Other classy names for this vegetable are Satsuma radish, Chinese radish, Japanese radish, Mooli and Mura. In fact, Daikon is Japanese for “big root.”

Other great reason this calciferous vegetable Mooli is good for us. The actually leaves on top are completely edible and can be used for cooking, smoothies and making chutney. They have great health benefits and are packed with super vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin A, potassium, and folic acid. I’ve also read that they were used in many Ayurvedic cooking.

With all said be sure to check out this awesome recipe on mooli ke bhaji (white radish leaves) Bhaji Mooli nu Shaak .

Typically, a lot of paratha’s are made in a similar way by preparing the stuffing and then stuffing them and then rolling them out. But, I find that Mooli Paratha are a bit more challenging to make ……..

You wonder WHY?

Well, Mooli (Radish) has a higher content of water and when trying to prepare the paratha by rolling it out a lot of the moisture is released which in turn makes it very difficult to roll and causes the stuffing to oozy out.

In my house I’ve also learned how to make parathas stuffed like some of my classic Aloo Methi Lehsun ke Paratha and Aloo Palak Paratha with Cheese.

But, this time I’ve changed things up a bit and instead of stuffing the paratha I decided to incorporate and add everything like the grated radish, spices and oil all into the flour and knead it. This method is one of my quick and easier versions.

All that’s needed now is a cup of some delicious chai and mooli ke paratha to start this day off …. so look no further and check out the complete recipe on how to make my Mooli ke Parathe.

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