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Nutella Cocoa Milkshake

Nutella Cocoa Milkshake



Lately, everywhere I go I hear about Nutella donut, Nutella Milkshake all kinds of different delicious mouthwatering goodies related to Nutella.  I’m sure we’ve all heard about Nutella, but for my friends that are new to “Nutella” …let me till you what I’m talking about. Nutella is an Italian sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread that’s been around for decades and was introduced by “Ferraro” the same people who make the most yummiest Ferraro Roche Chocolates.

As a young girl I have fond memories of Nutella….One of my cousin brother would bring home small packages of Nutella & Biscuits. We would dip those biscuits into the nutella and gobble them down ….that’s how good they were. Well, I though let me re-live those childhood memories and share those same memories with my little monsters. My kids love any kind of chocolate, anytime any day …..just like their parents. 🙂

I wanted to think of a recipe that was absolutely Delicious, a complete enjoyment and had to have Nutella in it. Woala!  that’s when the “Nutella Cocoa Milkshake” was invented. I can’s say that this Milkshake is healthy ….cause I know it’s not but, I can say it’s a must try. It’s so heavenly delightful that you’ll forget the health factors and just enjoy this sweet treat.




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So, tell me what’s your favorite milkshake? I’d love to hear about ….send me your comments.

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