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One Pot Vegetarian Mini Macaroni

One Pot Vegetarian Mini Macaroni

One Pot Vegetarian Mini Macaroni

Super duper delicious One Pot Vegetarian Mini Macaroni dish to be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. This dish is loaded with flavors, vegetables, creamy sauce and tons of cheese. I’m not going to say it’s the most healthiest dish, but indulging once in a while does no harm to one.

I just love Fridays ….even though I’m home right now with my kids I feel like I’m super busy all the time. Friday’s don’t mean so much to me like they us too when I was working a full-time job. Now everyday is busy …..but for some reason Friday feels like one of those days that I can complete all work by 5 o’clock and let the kids enjoy themselves with their friends and just make a huge pot of macaroni for the whole fam! 🙂

One Pot Vegetarian Mini Macaroni 2

This is super simple and perfect if your running out of time to prepare a full lunch or dinner. Look no further this dish is your quick and easy and absolutely delicious dish prepared in 30 minutes of less. A complete meal to be enjoyed by the whole family and friends for lunch, dinner or brunch.

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