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Orange Banana Coco Milk Drink

Orange Banana Coconut Milk Drink



Orange Banana Coco Milk Drink is a refreshing creamy drink, bursting with Vitamin “C” and the goodness of bananas, strawberries and Coconut milk. It’s got a tangy taste from the fresh Orange Juice and strawberries and the sweetness from bananas and coconut milk.  This is one of my super immune boosting drinks, refreshing for the early morning start.

As a lot of already know that Oranges are packed with “Vitamin C”, but did you know that Coconut Milk also is an excellent source of “Vitamin C”. Coconuts come in many different form and colors. They have become so versatile now that you can find them in forms of Milk, water, cream, jelly and oil. Coconut has been used for many years in cooking and baking, but now it’s widely being used in making smoothies, drinks, coconut oil is also used for great head/hair massages or body massages.



Growing up I’ve always enjoy drinking fresh coconut water ….these coconuts are green and hard from the outside, but they are filled with absolutely sweet coconut water and jelly. Coconuts with the brown outer layer are also hard on the outside, but filled with fresh white flesh coconut inside which can be carved out and eaten as is or used in cooking ….great to make different kinds of chutneys. Brown coconuts come in different shapes …some are perfectly round and some have a small tail on the end ….a lot of times the ones with the tail are used for prays (pooja) or offering to God.

brown coconut
Brown Coconut
green coconut
Fresh Green Coconut








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