Pomegranate Fruity Smoothie


Seeding a Pomegranate is definitely not easy, but the sweetness and goodness of those let red seeds is just worth it.  Pomegranate have many different health benefits, but the number one benefit is that it’s a  Antioxidant-Rich Super food.




Now a days, pomegranate comes in many different forms: like natural or juices, dry pomegranate seeds, ice cream. This fruit is also very versatile it can be used in smoothies, salads, baking, snacks or even main course meal dishes.

mix berries

I enjoy smoothies and juices not just because they have health benefits, I love the combination and taste of the thick, rich creamy taste of the smoothie.

Lately, I’ve been introducing different smoothies/juices into the regular diets of my kids and they actually enjoy drinking it. My son is a picky eater when it comes to fruits and vegetables so to make sure he getting the proper nutritional values on a daily base …I try to create child friendly smoothies/juices with that tasty “Yummy” factor in it so they will drink it.




This smoothie is has a combination of Pomegranate, mixed berries, almonds. Mixed berries again another super food and Antioxidant-Rich. Almonds benefits bones, immune system, skin but the overall best benefit is that it’s good for the brain.



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