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Red Thai Curry


Quick Authentic Vegetarian Red Thai Curry with Tofu and Veggies



Red Thai Curry is one of my favorite Asian dishes it goes so well with White Jasmine Rice. Red Thai Curry has a nice amount of spices which is not overwhelming or overly heavy. It’s got a nice blend of colorful vegetables, tofu in a vibrant reddish/yellow sauce that can be made fairly thin, to be served in a soup-style dish or little thicker to be served with your favorite noodles or rice.



This is one of my cheat recipes. I normally would opt to make things from scratch, but I’d be lying to you. I do take short cuts to save time and prepare a meal in a “jiffy”. This recipes uses store bought red Thai curry paste which I’ve add a bit of my own touch to it . To be honest ….we don’t always have all the ingredients needed on hand, so why not leave it to someone who actually knows what they’re doing and it ready for us. I’ve also used pre-prepared frozen vegetables Thai Style (which I had bought for rainy days) you can us fresh vegetables ….but this was my way to clear out the fridge.

My husband calls this my scrumptious yummy, healthy “signature Thai dish” which can be enjoyed with a big bowl of sticky white Jasmine rice or soup-based with noodle. Enjoy !




I like making this curry often cause it’s simple, quick and easy. The store-bought curry paste is very easy to use and taste delicious. Few easy steps just mix curry paste with coconut milk add to vegetables and season and you got yourself a healthy, delicious tasty red Thai curry.

This is a perfect anytime dish, but especially for the hot summer days  ….during the hot season no one likes to hang around a hot oven and wait hours to get a meal ready. This recipe is so fresh and fragrantly that it will be ready in 30 minutes to enjoy.


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