Lemon Rice-South Indian -Super simple and easy delicious Lemon Rice. Made with the right flavors of curry leaves, green garlic, fresh coriander leaves and green chili. Nice vibrant yellow color from super food Haldi and tanginess from the Lemon. The special crunch comes from the well roasted peanuts, cashew nuts, chana dal and urad dal.

Palak Makai Pulao is a delicious and healthy Spinach Corn Rice mildly flavored. This dish is an absolute winner. It’s made with a combination of mouthwatering ingredients. Spinach and corn give it a beautiful attractive appearance.

Basmati-Rice Stir-Fry with Marinated Tofu – Basmati-Rice with Marinated Tofu made tasty with a simple technique that gives the tofu perfect texture and flavor stir-fried in delicious Basmati-Rice and colorful vegetables. A complete and healthy, delicious weeknight/weekend meal.

Mast Mumbai Tawa Pulao – Mumbai also known as “Bombay”, well-known for its fabulous outstanding delicious street food. It’s close to impossible to leave Mumbai without trying out street food prepared daily by millions of hawkers. In Mumbai food stalls are found anywhere and every where with the best tasting food to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mast Mumbai Tawa Pulao is just one of those dishes that is close to impossible to avoid, it’s completely infused with the flavors of another exceptional popular well-known dish Pav Bhaji.

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