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Salsa-Veggie Quesadilla

Cheesy Salsa Veggie Quesadilla | Tortillas stuffed with colorful veggies and salsa sautéed in light seasoning and top with loads of Tex Mex Marble Cheese; roasted till crispy golden brown




Summer has official started now and kids are off school. So are you wondering what to make to feed your hungry monsters? Well, this is one absolute delicious and mouth-watering options.  This recipe is guaranteed to satisfy not just the little ones, but also all the die-hard food lovers out there. Salsa-Veggie Quesadilla is a super quick and easy dish to prepare either for lunch or a nice weeknight meal. Any choice of vegetables (I used colorful bell peppers, red onion, mushroom, green onion, grated carrots and black olives) sautéed in Mexican seasoning with an added touch of Salsa and stuffed into Tortilla topped with loads of Tex Mex Marble Cheese and roasted till nice golden brown and melted cheese.




I’m one that loves anything with melted cheese and when it comes to Mexican food ……LOVE IT !  I think with quesadillas you can never go wrong, it’s like eating a sandwich, but even better.  When I think of quesadillas, it reminds me of wraps and frankies; the only twist here is that it’s completely Mexican.

As far as making quick and easy meals, it doesn’t get any better than making quesadilla. Quesadillas by far the most simplest meal to prepare; all that’s need is flour tortillas filled with your favorite filling and cheese, folded over, and heated till nice and golden brown crispy, cheese melted to perfection in no time. The best part of quesadillas is that there are endless incredible fillings with many variations, plus you can customize the filling to ones own individual tastes.




Quesadillas are not just versatile when comes to fillings, they versatility extends to the way they are cooked ; they can be pan-fried, Panini pressed, baked or even grilled. To me the best part of a quesadilla or a grilled cheese sandwich is went the cheese has leaked out of the edges and fried against the tortilla or bread; that’s when I know how heavenly this must taste!




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