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Mix Berry Burst Smoothie – Mix berries, spinach and avocado a super combination to make a great tasting smoothie to start the day. Add a splash of fruit juice and enjoy!

Mango Banana Milkshake – Simple and easy super delicious, sweet and rich in flavor Alphonso mango milkshake with the great combination of banana, almond and milk.

Tropical Turmeric Smoothie – Another super food, health, energy and immune booster smoothie packed with turmeric, flax seeds, spinach and mix fruits.

Mango Lassi – Hot summer days have arrived and here’s a delicious Mango Lassi. Made from the freshness of Alphonso Mangoes. Easy- to make quick Mango Lassi. Enjoy

Orange Immune Booster Juice – Orange Immune Boosting Juice. This is Vitamin “C” super packed juiced which is surely to booster your Immune. Packed with ancient Indian herbs like Turmeric.

Spinach & Arugula Smoothie – Spinach and Arugula combination is great. Especially, incorporating it in a smoothie with some delicious fruits/vegetables and Almond Milk. Healthy Enjoy!

Fruity Green Tropical Smoothie – Spinach and tropical fruit mixture with a splash of Almond Milk makes one healthy smoothie. It’s got that tropical flavor twist with the goodness of greens.

Masala Chaas – Buttermilk Recipe – A perfect hot summer day drink. Chaas a yogurt based drink flavored with spices. Also a great drink for the digestive system enjoy it with any time.

Pomegranate Fruity Smoothie – Rich and creamy flavored Pomegranate Fruity Smoothie. A delicious and nutritious smoothie for the morning rush or afternoon break.

Red Grape Avocado Smoothie – Rich and creamy smoothie with the goodness of Red seedless grape, avocado, ripe banana and coconut water. It’s healthy, sweet and delicious. Enjoy!

Orange Papaya Smoothie –  Finally, Summer time has arrived and there’s not better way to beat the heat then to enjoy some refreshing cold Smoothies. This time I’m bringing you the goodness of Fresh Orange Juice, Papaya, Red Pear and Coconut water.

Summertime Mix Fruit Smoothie –  A very Easy and Quick smoothie to whip together in minutes. With the goodness of frozen Mixed Fruits; Strawberries, Honeydew Melon, Peaches, Pineapple and Cherries and add touch of Coconut water and Mangoes.

Orange Banana Coco Milk Drink – is a refreshing creamy drink, bursting with Vitamin “C” and the goodness of bananas, strawberries and Coconut milk. It’s got a tangy taste from the fresh Orange Juice and strawberries and the sweetness from bananas and coconut milk.  This is one of my super immune boosting drinks, refreshing for the early morning start.

Green Deluxe Smoothie  – is a refreshing smooth creamy smoothie with the goodness of Spinach, Avocado, Mixed frozen summertime fruits, Mango and Watermelon Juice. The creamy green color of the smoothie can be misleading …but the taste is absolutely wonderful.

Mango Melody Smoothie  – is part of my Alphonso Mango Marathon Series. This is a divine super tasty smoothie it’s got the absolute delicious taste of Alphonso Mangoes, Strawberries, Pineapple, Peaches and Honeydew Melon with large shoot of Almond Milk. A must try Smoothie!

Kale Mango Berry Smoothie – A healthy and delicious smoothie that is guarantee to boost your energy level. Kale Mango Berry Smoothie is made with another very healthy super food called “Kale” and also has the goodness of Berries and sweetness of Mangoes.

Fruity Treasure Smoothie – This healthy delicious and easy Fruity Treasure Smoothie will help you start your day in a nutritious way. It’s made with the goodness of fresh Alphonso mangoes, peaches, pineapple, strawberries, coconut milk and honey the hidden treasures.

Strawberry Banana Milkshake -This classic old fashion milkshake has been around forever “Strawberry Banana Milkshake”. It’s close to impossible to resist the temptation to indulge in one of these mouth-watering and tasty milkshakes. Especially, when it’s made with fresh strawberries, ripe bananas and milk.

Strawberry Rose Lassi – Lassi….an absolutely refreshing and cool drink which is perfect for a hot summer day. This easy and quick four step yogurt drink is ready in no more than 10 minutes. All it takes is strawberries, yogurt, rose syrup, cold water.

Nutella Cocoa Milkshake – Lately, everywhere I go I hear about Nutella dount, Nutella Milkshake all kinds of different delicious mouthwatering goodies related to Nutella. I am sure we’ve all heard about Nutella but for my friends that I knew to Nutella …let me till you what I’m talking about. Nutella is an Italian sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread that’s been around for decades and was introduced by “Ferrero” the same people who make the most yummiest Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.

Cold Buster Ginger-Turmeric Drink – A completely health and nutritious drink to help fight the common cold/flu and re-energize the Immune System. Cold Buster Ginger-Turmeric Drink is made with the goodness of super foods like Ginger, Turmeric, Honey, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice and Lemon Tea. A glass a day will keep the cold blues away.

Mango Pineapple Smoothie – A revitalizing and refreshing smoothie is that it only takes three ingredients. Mangoes, Pineapples and lots of ice or cold water all blended into smooth smoothie and ready in seconds. Really ! that’s it no mess, no hard work and you have a great delicious smoothie ready to enjoy.

Mix Berry Banana Smoothie – Summer! The best time to enjoy a tasty tall glass of cold Mixed Berry Milkshake. This drink is a complete delicious delight. Made from the goodness of in season mixed berries, nice ripe bananas, whole milk and a dash of sugar topped with fresh berries. Totally Yummy! 🙂

Salty Lassi -Hot summer days ! What’s better than a nice refreshing glass of cold Salty Lassi. This is the best drink….right after water on scourging hot days. The best part is that its super simple, easy and quick to make. Splendid and delightful drink to enjoy anytime anyplace.

Pineapple Pear Avocado and Orange Juice Smoothie – The perfect drink to start your day has got to be a nice tall glass of freshly blended Pineapple Pear Avocado and Orange Juice Smoothie. Nice ripe bosc pear , ripe avocado and frozen chunks of pineapple with a huge splash of orange juice all blended together into a nice smooth smoothie. What more do you want? A complete refreshing, tasty and healthy drink to energize your morning.

Spinach Kiwi fruit Smoothie – This has to be one of the best and refreshing smoothie that I’ve tried so far. Yes! Spinach Kiwifruit with an added touch of Pomegranate Blueberry Juice a completely nutritious way to start the early morning day or an afternoon snack.  Spinach Kiwifruit Smoothie with Pomegranate Blueberry Juice is a 4 ingredient smoothie made in minutes and packed with loads of vitamins and minerals.

Kiwi Berry Banana Smoothie – a nice mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries blended together with ripe bananas and kiwis with the added touch of a spoon full of honey to create the perfect tropical paradise. This smoothie has also an added touch of Organic Vegan Protein Powder to help balance out our daily protein intake. All natural flavors of fruits and added touch of honey with a splash of tangerine lemonade is a guaranteed super satisfier for the healthy tummy.

Fruity Turmeric Smoothie is exactly one of those drinks that’s power packed with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and super foods that help the immune system fight. This smoothie has a great mix of assorted fruits, white and yellow turmeric, yogurt, honey and orange juice to give it that exact immune boosting energy.

Bottle Gourd or Lauki Juice -Bottle Gourd, Lauki, Long Squash or Dudhi these are all of the amazing names of this super health vegetable. This Asian inspired vegetable “Bottle Gourd” is exactly the way it sounds a squash grown in a bottle shape, light green and long. The exterior with a thin waxy light green skin with a interior that’s solid, but spongy texture. This vegetable is so versatile, it can be used for cooking curry, making delicious desserts or consuming as a drink for super health benefits. Lauki or Dudhi is made up of 90% water therefore it’s very easy to digest and very beneficial for the health.







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