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Sooji Ka Halwa

Sooji ka Halwa | How to make authentic Gujarati Style Sheera



A nice an easy to make sweet dish prepared in minutes. Sooji ka Halwa also known as “Sheera” in Gujarati is an all time favorite sweet dish that can be served as a dessert, breakfast sweet dish or prepared for special occasions or festivals. Sooji ka Halwa is a super simple and absolutely delicious dish prepared by roasting sooji also known as rava or semolina in pure desi ghee (clarified butter) cooked in warm milk with sugar  and topped with your favorite choice of dry fruits and saffron.


This recipe is my all time favorite, I’ve learned to make this special method of “sheera” from my mom. I’ve watched her make it numerous times as a sweet side dish for dinner, for special puja’s at home. My mum’s recipe calls for warm milk, but many people substitute the milk with water which is also fine, but I find that by adding milk to the sheera gives it a nicer rich taste and texture. Also this recipes has silvered almonds, green raisins which is optional, silvered cashews and charoli also known as chirongi nuts or piyal seeds and saffron to give our sooji ka halwa a nice flavor and color.

Sooji ka Halwa can be made in many different ways. No matter what style and method rava halwa is made in whether it be North Indian-Suji Ka Halwa, South Indian Kesari Rava or Pakistani Sooji ka Halwah they all taste absolutely scrumptiously delicious. 🙂


I’m sure a lot of us have already heard of semolina also known as rava or sooji. But did you know that it’s not just commonly used in Indian cuisines it’s also very popularly used in many other cultural backgrounds like Europe, North Africa, West Africa, North America and South America to make pasta, pudding, breakfast cereal and couscous.  Semolina is a grain that is very versatile can be used to make sweet dishes, savory dishes, baking and I’ve read and some what believe that it also has some amazing health benefits if consumed in the correct manner.




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