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Strawberry Rose Lassi

Strawberry Rose Lassi | How to make a quick and easy Strawberry Rose Flavor Yogurt drink



Lassi….an absolutely refreshing and cool drink which is perfect for a hot summer day. I was thinking what should I make that’s refreshing and somewhat healthy for my little ones. Well ! that’s when I thought of this awesome combination drink “Strawberry Rose Lassi“. Easy and quick four step drink ready in less than 10 minutes.  So, join me and my little munchkin’s for a sweet refreshing drink ! 🙂


Summer is an awesome season, we have so many different fruits that are available to us either from the store or fresh right from the farm. I haven’t had the chance to go strawberry picking yet, but a couple of years ago with my husband and some friends we had enjoyed a very nice day at a farm picking Blueberries.

The great thing about a lot of these fruits is that we can get them fresh and have them available to us all year.  I like to get out to the local farms in my area and buy a larger quantity of some of the fresh fruits and clean, cut into chunks and freeze them. A lot of the smoothies, lassi, milkshakes and drinks tasty much better with frozen fruits. For this one I used fresh strawberries, since I had some hanging around in my fridge that needed to be used up right away!


Strawberry Rose Lassi, is a very smooth, creamy tasting drink. I used a Rose Syrup that I bought in our local Indian grocery store called “Kalvert Rose Syrup”. I like using this brand it doesn’t have a very strong rose essences smell or taste, but again you can use any rose syrup of your choice.

This easy and quick four step yogurt drink is ready in no more than 10 minutes. This is another one of my non-recipe drinks, there is no right way to follow. Just go with your liking and taste. All it takes is strawberries, yogurt, rose syrup,cold water into a blender and then into your favorite glass to enjoy !  My favorite glass for this drink is a traditional Stainless Steel  glass tumbler style which are widely used in every household in India. I use them in my house for this special drinks and to serve water to my guest.

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