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Tofu Lababdar

How to make the most delicious and perfect healthy Tofu Lababdar


This is the most delicious and finger licking Tofu Lababdar ever. I really mean it ….we’ve heard of Paneer Lababdar which is the original version of this dish. So, I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different recipes to make the most authentic, but mouth-watering Lababdar dish. All the recipes that I’ve come across were made with Paneer. My take on this recipe was to make it a bit more on the healthier side, so I had substituted some of the traditional ingredients used in Paneer Lababdar and came up with my very own version of Tofu Lababdar.

This my version of a health Tofu Lababdar, it’s made with firm tofu in an aromatic, bright reddish-orange spicy gravy with sautéed onions,garlic,ginger,cashew nuts, tomatoes and spices. This dish is surely going to be a winner and the highlight of your mealtime. I love this recipe because it’s made with a healthy choice of tofu and coconut milk which still makes this dish flavorful and enriched with calcium and protein. This dish goes well with your choice of roti, paratha, naan or rice.


I’ve been away from the blogging world for some time now. Went on a very long overdue vacation to India and since me and my kids enjoyed it some much we extended our trip too 2 and half months. Yes! it was a well deserved and most relaxing and enjoyable family vacation (dearly missed my husband and daddy). We all came back with great wonderful memories that we will cherish for a very long time. The best part of my journey was coming across many different food dishes that were completely out of this world. I plan on trying out many or all of them and coming back to you all with my version and recipes of it.

I’ve also decided that on my blog I’m going to bring you the original photos that I’ve taken right in my kitchen or dining table while preparing the dish or ready to serve. We spend so much time trying to doll up the pictures and bring to you a perfect photo shop picture of a dish that in actual may not even look like that once prepared. I’ve notices in many blogs where the pictures are so beautiful …..give them total credit for taking that time to get to this end result, but then I find that when one goes to prepare the same dish it looks nothing like the one on the picture. This is how we get discouraged and totally not motivated. So I’m going to try the “no editing” straight from the kitchen/dining table version of blogging.





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