Tortilla Vegetable Samosas


Tortilla Samosa
Tortilla Samosa

Easy to make Tortilla Veggie Samosa

Samosas, traditionally they are made of All-purpose flour also known as maida. But, here’s is a simple and easy way to make samosa for either beginners or bachelors that want to avoid the kneading of the dough and rolling. Tortillas make this process of making samosas very easy and simple. Tortillas are made of whole wheat and maize (corn) flour so this is a healthier choice of wrap then maida (all-purpose flour). Let me share a recipe that you will enjoy making and eating.

A little bit about the “Samosa”. Normally, they are made with maida (all-purpose flour) stuffed with the traditional mashed potato mixture and fried till golden brown and served up with fresh chutney, such as Coriander Chutney, mint chutney or tamarind sauce. Samosa can be served up as an appetizer, snack, lunch or just food on the go. Samosas can be plated up with other dishes like: Samosa and chana or Samosa chat.



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